5 Quick Ways to Give Good Face

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5 Quick Ways to Give Good Face

Try these instant beauty tips to get glamorous on the go

Over a lifetime, we spend five full days in front of the mirror, scrubbing our faces, moisturizing our skin or slathering on makeup. These quick tips can help you trim time so you can stopgetting beautiful and spend that energy living beautifully.

Make eyebrow plucking nearly ouchless by sticking your tweezers in the freezer for 10 minutes. The cold metal numbs sensitive skin, which dulls pain.
Switch to organic cotton pads. Non-organic cotton is grown with insecticides; about one-quarter of insecticide use has been linked to conventional cotton growth. Bonus: Natural cotton pads are easier on delicate under-eye skin.
Keep mascara from smudging by dusting oil-absorbing loose translucent powder just beneath your lower lash lines.
Banish blackheads by applying a retinol treatment before bed.
Fade dark spots by adding a dab of benzoyl peroxide to your moisturizer just before blending it onto your skin.

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