5 Workout Tips for Naturalistas

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5 Workout Tips for Naturalistas

Maintain your ‘do when you hit the gym

Don’t let your hair keep your from exercising. Here are five tips to keep your natural in tip-top shape while you sweat it out.

Protect your hair from sweat. Water makes hair expand (whether you’re natural or relaxed), and your edges will become puffy when combined with water. Slip on a sweat band or a scarf when working out to protect your hair. One to try: Save Your Do Gym Wrap by Nicole Ari Parker.
Avoid clips, elastic bands or hair pins. The last thing you need while you’re getting your workout groove on is for your hair tools to put unnecessary tension on your hairline. For a light hold without causing breakage, use Mixed Chicks Spring Bands.
Try a dry shampoo. Shampoos contain harsh detergents thatstrip moisture from your natural strands. Go for a clarifying conditioner, such as Pantene CoWashing Conditioner, to cleanse the scalp and keep natural hair moisturized.
Massage the scalp with antibacterial oils. If your scalp feels sweaty and sticky after a strenuous workout–and you can’t wash or co-wash your hair—massage your scalp with antibacterial or anti fungal oils. You can also stimulate your scalp with basil, peppermint or thyme essential oils.
Stay hydrated. If you notice your hair becoming abnormally dry after a workout, you may not be drinking enough water to replace what you’re losing through sweat.
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