Drink Proof Your Lipstick

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Drink Proof Your Lipstick

Don’t leave color on your glass

There’s a way to sip cocktails without smudging your lipstick, isn’t there? Why, yes!

Here, 10 secrets to drink proofing your lipstick:

Moisture is key. Long-wearing lip products can be drying, so keep your lips hydrated when you’re not wearing lip color. Choose balms that are heavy on shea butter and alcohol free.
Exfoliate. Before applying product, remove dead skin. You can pick up exfoliating facial wipes from the drug store or try this DIY scrub.
Wear a lip primer. Apply this below your lip color. You can even put primer under your lip liner for extra staying power.
Apply a lip liner pencil to the entire lip surface, and then apply your lipstick.
Buy products that say “long wear” or “long lasting” on the label.
Try a lip stain, which leaves color on the lips even when the product wears off.
Go matte. These lipsticks last longer. If you prefer a gloss, choose one that is a little on the sticky side. The stickier the product, the longer it stays.
Reapply your lip color as needed.
Don’t lick your lips.
Drink through a straw.
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