Get Stronger, Thicker Hair

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Get Stronger, Thicker Hair

Is your hair relaxed? Try these 4 tricks to keep it healthy

If you still swear by relaxers, you may experience thinning and breakage. The following four tips will help you keep your processed locks as healthy as possible:

Give your hair breathing room. Space out your relaxers as far as possible, waiting 10 to 12 weeks before having a touchup. By stretching out your relaxers, your give your hair a break and allow new growth to grow in fully before putting chemicals on it. Spacing out your relaxers makes your hair stronger and thicker over time.

Protect previously relaxed hair. When it’s time for a touchup, make sure your ends are protected from the relaxer. Putting relaxer on previously relaxed hair can cause over-processing, which eventually leads to breakage and thinning strands.

Pre-poo your hair. Try a mixture of conditioner and coconut oil before you shampoo. Coconut oil protects your hair’s cuticle from protein loss. A stronger fuller cuticle means less damage, which, over time, gives you thicker hair.

Treat your hair to protein. Incorporate weekly protein treatmentsinto your hair-care regimen. Apply a reconstructor to your hair and sit under a hooded dryer for 15 to 20 minutes. This strengthens and fortifies your hair, protecting it from breakage.

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