Let the Sun Shine!

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Let the Sun Shine!

What you need to know about summer skin care

After an incredibly harsh winter, summer is right around the corner. Now that you’ll be showing more skin, you’ll need a different skin-care regimen. Learn more about taking care of your skin and why we need to worry about skin cancer, too.

Yes, whites are more likely to be diagnosed with skin cancer, but blacks that are diagnosed with it are more likely to die. Examine your body and look for moles that may be changing in color, larger than a pencil eraser, have jagged and irregular borders.

The melanin in our skin does give us extra protection against the sun’s rays, but that alone isn’t enough. Use SPF 30 or higher every day on your body. For your face, make sure to use an oil-free version. Also, make sure to put in your ears and in between your fingers and toes when going out in the sun.

Most of us have never had a dermatologist check our entire bodyfor signs of skin cancer—but we should start asking for this procedure. Because the earlier you can detect skin cancer, the higher your survival rates can be. Start your summer out right with a head-to-toe scan.

Buried under sweaters and heavy clothing, your skin may be a bit rough. One way to smooth it out is by exfoliating your body, which helps get rid you of the dead layers. You can opt for a liquid scrub or use exfoliating gloves.

Humidity and heat can make your face so greasy that it feels like you can fry chicken on it. Keep shine away and crry blotting sheets. All you do is press it on your face and let it soak up the oil. These sheets are inexpensive and can help reduce breakouts during the hot months.

During the summer, the heat is not a game and can dry out your skin. Make sure you stay moisturized with lotion and seal it in with body oil. Also, keep a small spray bottle of water to spritz on throughout the day to keep you cool and your skin hydrated.

Our lips are an area of our body that we often forget about. This summer, make sure to exfoliate your lips and keep them protected by using SPF-based lip balm every day.

Hands down, drinking water is one of the best and affordable things you can do to keep your skin supple and hydrated. You don’t have to buy fancy bottled water either. Try carrying a water bottle with you and refill it during the day.

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