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Mama Goes Natural


Give these easy natural hair hacks a try

Who among us couldn’t use handy, dandy tips for caring for our kinks, curls and coils? These natural hair hacks will save your natural hair life. Get ready to take notes!

Avoid tangled ends and knots by simply detangling your hair from end to root, not root to end, with a denim brush. This brush is not as harsh on your hair and is specifically made for curly textures.
We can’t be the only ones that reuse our plastic shopping bags as everything from makeshift conditioning caps to shower caps. The next time you’re out of a plastic cap or you want to save money, just grab one!
Try Curlfomers. These handy and hip curl rods turn your kinks into lush coils and curls.
We got this trick from a natural hair mommy blogger. She did a wash-and-go on her daughter’s hair and let it air dry for 20 minutes to an hour. Then, she twisted her daughter’s hair into a bun so the curls stretched for at least an hour. Once released, the hair was still wet, but the curls were more stretched, and they dried that way without frizz.
Even after a decade of being natural, this one is new to us. All those extra t-shirts you have laying in your bottom drawer now have a job: Drop the towel when drying, because it causes frizz, and pick up the t-shirt for frizz-free drying.
We all pretty much know that a headband makes the best afropuffs. But, Natural Hair Rules tell us how to stretch out too-tight headbands: Stretch them out on the back of a chair. Nice one!
Replace your oils with pure aloe vera, which is the perfect pH balanced and lightweight sealant. Plus it  detangles, moisturizes, activates fresh growth, heals, soothes, reduces dandruff and prevents excessive hair loss. Apply it after your leave-in conditioner.
This is an oldie but goodie: Rinse in very cold water, which closes the cuticle, leaving you with shinier hair.
For more natural hair hacks, go to MommyNoire.

Najwa Moses