Men Prefer High Heels

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Men Prefer High Heels

But stilettos can cause a host of health problems

Men love a woman in high heels, a new study finds.

According to the study, published in the journal Archives of Sexual Behavior, a woman who drops a glove while wearing high heels is nearly 50 percent more likely to have a man pick it for her than if she’s wearing flat shoes. Women in heels at a bar are approached by men in half the time compared to when she’s not wearing heels. And men were doubly likely to answer survey questions for a woman in high heels.

“Women’s shoe heel size exerts a powerful effect on men’s behavior,” said study author Nicolas Gueguen, a behavioral science researcher. “They make women more beautiful.”

But high heels don’t share the same affection for a woman’s feet. Here’s the havoc they can wreak:

Beware of “pump bump.” Heels—sky high and mid-height—are known for causing a painful knot on the back of the heel. A heel’s rigid material can press on this pump bump, leading to blisters, swelling, bursitis, even pain in the Achilles tendon. Solution: Ice, orthotics and heel pads may provide some relief, but the bony protrusion is permanent.

Avoid hairline fractures. Ultra-high heels stress the ball of the foot, where the long metatarsal bones meet the sesamoid and toe bones. Too much pressure inflames these bones and can lead to hairline fractures. Solution: Switch to lower heels (the lower the better) to alleviate stress.

Keep sprains at bay. All high heels increase the risk of an ankle sprain. The most common, a lateral sprain, happens when you roll onto the outside of the foot, stretching ankle ligaments beyond their normal length. A severe sprain could tear the ligaments or lead to osteoarthritis. Solution: Choose a chunky heel, which distributes your weight more evenly.

Banish bunions and hammertoes. High-heeled, pointy-toed shoes squish the entire front of your foot, leading to bunions,blisters, hammertoes and nerve pain. Solution: Buy shoes with a wide toe box and choose ones made of a soft material.

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