Scrubbing Brushes

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Scrubbing Brushes

You’re one dirty makeup brush away from a breakout

What good is all-natural makeup, pricey skin-care products and a top-notch face-cleansing regimen if your makeup brushes are a mess?

Follow these instructions for an all-natural DIY brush-cleaning solution, and help keep your skin clear:

extra-virgin olive oil

clean washcloth or towel

liquid Castile soap

warm water

distilled white vinegar

two glass bowls

tall glass

Pour one teaspoon of olive oil onto the clean washcloth or towel. Press the bristles of your dirty makeup brush into the oil until saturated. This step moistens the bristles and loosens dirt and old makeup. Wipe the bristles back and forth on the washcloth.

In one of the glass bowls, combine Castile soap and warm water. Swish the brush back and forth in the soapy water. Release deep dirt by squeezing the bristles with your fingers.

To get rid of any bacteria, pour 1/2 cup of distilled white vinegar into the second glass bowl. Put the clean and squeeze-dried brush into the vinegar. Make sure you don’t get vinegar on the handle.

Give the brush a quick rinse in warm running water, and then squeeze extra water from it. Reshape the bristles and place upright in the tall glass to dry. Repeat the process with each makeup brush, using a new batch of the solution each time.

Your skin and your makeup brushes will thank you.

BHM Edit Staff