Travelista: Must-Have Natural Hair Items

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Travelista: Must-Have Natural Hair Items

Don’t leave home without these products

There’s nothing worse than being out of your go-to hair care items—except going without when you’re in a foreign land. Curly girls, when wanderlust calls, make sure you hit the road with these products in tow:

Pack as much conditioner as you can carry. The air is so dry in some countries you might have to co-wash to keep it supple.

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Think of shea butter as your best friend. It can do double duty as both a hair and skin moisturizer, and its high melting point will keep it from liquifying.

Coconut oil is a phenomenal moisturizer, but it will be confiscated if you bring too much in your carry-on. If you’re headed to a cooler climate, you should be fine. If you can’t live without your coconut oil, mix two parts of it with one part shea butter.

You can take advantage of a 30-hour flight by using a shower capto deep condition. Saturate your freshly washed hair with your favorite oil, slip on the shower cap and then top it with a hat. The body heat will work wonders. Just pray TSA doesn’t make you remove your hat.

Repeat after us: You can never have too many bobby pins. In fact, pack extra. As many as you think you’ll need, take double that amount.

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Keep scrunchies on hand for those times you need to scoop your hair up into a ponytail. Whitewater rafting (not to mention the humidity of New Orleans) has ruined many a blowout.

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