Your Year of Healthy Hair

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Your Year of Healthy Hair

5 habits you should embrace

Make 2016 the year you get your hair to its healthiest state by embracing these five simple hair habits:

1. Talk to your stylist. Before you agree to any change to your hair, have a frank discussion with your stylist about how to maintain a new ’do. Find out if you will need new styling tools, how often will you need a trim and what to do if you hate the new style. If your stylist gets annoyed or refuses to answer, you might new a new one of them more than a new style.

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2. Get regular trims. The ends of our hair tend to be fragile. This is the oldest part of our hair, and because of that, it’s also the driest part. No matter how well you care for your hair, you will still needregular trims. A quarter of an inch to a half-inch every few months should be enough.

3. Be gentle. In its natural state, our hair tangles easily, especially if you’re transitioning. To tackle tangles, use a wide-tooth comb or your fingers to minimize breakage.

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4. Invest in good tools. The wrong tools—ponytail holders with metal pieces, brushes with hard bristles, elastic bands, combs with closely spaced teeth—can be disastrous to your hair. If your hair is being ripped out, tugged or pulled, you need better tools.

5. Keep it covered. Buy a satin or silky hair cover to wear at night. This keeps your hair from drying out. Not a fan of hair covers? Get satin pillow cases.

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