New Mobile HIV Testing Vans Roll Out in D.C.

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New Mobile HIV Testing Vans Roll Out in D.C.

Unit is part of national testing and prevention program aimed at gay and bisexual men

An eye-catching new mobile health screening van launched on February 28 is carrying out its mission of encouraging black gay and bisexual men throughout Washington, D.C., to get tested for HIV, according to Ron Simmons, president and CEO of Us Helping Us, the HIV advocacy group operating the van.

Simmons says the mobile health unit van is part of a national HIV testing and prevention program directed toward black gay and bisexual men through a grant from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which developed the program. The CDC says the program is aimed at lowering the HIV infection rate of black men who have sex with men, which is the highest of all the population groups affected by the AIDS epidemic in the U.S.

Simmons is a nationally recognized expert on HIV-related services for people of color. He served as a member of a working group that advised the CDC in the development and implementation of the program, called “Testing Makes Us Stronger.”

That slogan, along with a large drawing of a bare-chested young man flexing the muscles of his raised arms, appears on the side of the new van.

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