Calming the Itch of Psoriasis

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Calming the Itch of Psoriasis

Help skin heal with these tips

The itch caused by psoriasis can be worse than the visible effects of the disease. Medication, particularly biologic drugs, can help relieve itch, sometimes before the skin lesions fade. But here’s what else you can do to help tame the burning, biting itch of psoriasis:

Moisturize your skin. Reducing redness and itch helps your skin heal, so keeping your skin moisturized is critical. Dermatologists suggest heavy creams and ointments, but ooking oils and even shortening can be used in a pinch.
Minimize flaking. Apply a scale-softening product to reduce excess skin and prevent psoriasis plaques from cracking and flaking.
Take a cold shower. Avoid hot bubble baths and limit showers to 10 minutes. Hot water exacerbates skin irritation and dryness. Storing lotions in the refrigerator prior to use also can help reduce itch.

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