7 Things You Really Shouldn’t Worry About

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7 Things You Really Shouldn’t Worry About

From racist politicians to police officers who don’t value black lives, there are a million things to worry about. But these things, my dear, should not be on that list.

  1. Old ish. Letting yourself be bogged down with past failures will keep you right there: in the past. Let go, and you free yourself up for future success and brand new chances to make better decisions.
  2. Friends who drift away. You bonded in fifth grade, but a shared love of Barbies may not be enough to keep your friendship strong post college. But that’s OK—relationships evolve just like you do, and making new friends is not a crime.
  3. Aging. Each birthday is a blessing, and the reality is, though the years continue to tick upward, all you need to do is look in the mirror (or the women in your family) to remember that you’ve still got it. Celebrate!
  4. Uncommunicative potential baes. You deserve way more than some dude who purposely waits 12 hours to respond to your texts. Next!
  5. Other people’s opinions. They literally mean nothing to your life; don’t give inconsequential people power over you that they have not earned.
  6. Other people’s business. The same goes here—don’t waste any of your precious time dissecting how other people eat, dress and love. Mind yours, lady.
  7. The future. Sure, a healthy amount of concern can push us to prepare for arduous times, but obsessing over all the terrible things that might happen will only ruin good times in the present. And besides, we can already tell you: Your future is incredibly bright!

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