Get the Funk Out of Your Workout Clothes

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Get the Funk Out of Your Workout Clothes

We don’t want you going to the gym in smelly duds

It doesn’t matter if you spent $150 on luxe leggings or picked up a pair of running shorts for $10, if you don’t care for them properly, they’ll smell like a high school boys’ locker room. In other words: pee-yew! Here are a few key tips to getting the funk out of your workout clothes:

Forget the dryer. The heat and agitation of the drying cycle can reduce elasticity, change the fit and mess with your garment’s performance over time. So hang-dry your workout pieces.
Don’t throw sweaty clothes into the hamper. Hang up your wet sports bra and tee before you wash them. If you let them sit wadded up and wet in the dirty clothes pile, you’ll wind up with musty smells and set-in odor. If you gear is sopping wet after a really intense workout, rinse them in the sink and let them hang-dry before throwing them in the hamper to wait for laundry day.
Pre-soak. If a whiff of your favorite leggings makes your eyes water, pre-soak them in white vinegar. This will remove bacteria-causing odor and set-in smells. After the vinegar soak, wash them as normal.

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