Avoid the Pitfalls of Halloween

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Avoid the Pitfalls of Halloween

Don’t fall into these sugar traps

No holiday sanctions sugary temptations with such wild abandon like Halloween (except maybe Valentine’s Day).

The siren-like call of candy treats can be hard to resist, and we pity the people trying to lose weight or watch their sugar intake during this season.

Fortunately, we have this advice to help you avoid these pitfalls of Halloween:

Buying Halloween candy as soon as it’s available (because, of course, the stores have it on sale). If it’s in your house for weeks, you’ll be tempted to dig into that stash before the big night.

You plan to share your favorite candy with the neighborhood children. Don’t pick Snickers if that’s the candy you crave; you may end up eating a little too much. Choose candy trick-or-treaters will love but you won’t have trouble resisting.

It’s miniature candy; you can eat several of them, right? Size does matter. Just because they’re mini doesn’t mean the calories don’t count. Snack size candy often contains 50 to 100 calories each, which adds up fast.

You think candy is a low-sodium food, so it’s OK. Limiting your intake of added sugars is important for heart health, no matter the sodium content. Numerous studies back this up, suggesting that limiting added sugars is the most important lifestyle change you can make in your quest to stay healthy.

You refuse to miss out on the holiday spirit. Halloween is more than just candy on October 31. Find another way to get into the season. Carve a pumpkin and roast the seeds with your children, go on a hay ride in a pumpkin patch or scream your way through a haunted house.

Somebody brings their leftover candy to work and puts it in the break room. To resist the temptation all day (post-Halloween week?) long, bring a healthy snack from home. If you get hungry, reach for your snack, not the candy. Keep your mouth busy by chewing sugar-free gum.

BHM Edit Staff