Is Maple Syrup a Miracle Cure?

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Is Maple Syrup a Miracle Cure?

The breakfast staple could ease our reliance on antibiotics

Delicious news for maple syrup lovers: The breakfast staple may do more than make your morning pancakes tasty; it could help fight antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

New research shows concentrated extracts of maple syrup make disease-causing bacteria more vulnerable to medication. This is especially good news if it reduces our reliance on antibiotics.

For the study, from McGill University in Toronto, researchers unleashed syrup on strains of infection, successfully fighting bacteria that leads to disease.

“The findings suggest a potentially simple and effective approach for reducing antibiotic usage,” said study lead Nathalie Tufenkji. Though there have been no clinical trials yet, she’s hopeful the good news is just beginning. “I could see maple syrup extract being incorporated eventually into the capsules of antibiotics. More effective antibiotics could be made, and our need for them slashed, providing a natural solution to one of the country’s greatest man-made problems.”

Maple syrup has long been seen as a healthier alternative to sugar(it’s chock-full of nutrients, including calcium, manganese and zinc). Studies show it can stimulate insulin release, aiding those with diabetes; enhance liver function and help repair muscle and cell damage.

This new research could be a major development. In 2013, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that as many as 80 percent of Americans took antibiotics each year—a disturbing statistic considering bacteria’s growing resistance to the medication.

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