What You Should Eat Now

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What You Should Eat Now

Some produce is at its peak in August

Your fruit and vegetable options grow exponentially during summer, with August being one of the best months for produce, according to the experts. Find a way to include these five in your shopping basket:

Grapes need a a wealth of sun and heat to develop their flavors, and they concentrate all their sugars this month. Choose grapes by paying attention to the color and health of the stem. If they are brittle, the grapes will start turning into raisins shortly after you bring them home. But if the stem is flexible and green, these are the ones to buy.
Melons last well into fall—even winter—but their peak season is summer. Ripe melons feel heavy and have no bruising.
Okra is thought of as a Southern staple, but it’s a yummy addition to foods in any region. Look for small green pods and avoid bruising. Be careful not to overcook it; overcooking can give okra a slimy texture.
Pluots and other stone fruit like cherries, peaches and plums, are at their peak in August. Pluots, which look like deep red or forest green plums, are especially tasty this month.
Tomatoes need the long, hot dog days of summer to develop in flavor. To pick the perfect tomato, select one with bright, shiny, firm skin with a little give when squeezed gently.

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