Raspberry Basil Iced Tea

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raspberry basil iced tea

Raspberry Basil Iced Tea

Are you looking for a recipe that refreshes and tastes great? We think this simple and fruity tea is the perfect summer cool down, and it should be your go-to drink!

Raspberry Basil Iced Tea

8 cups unsweetened decaffeinated iced tea

2 cups raspberries (washed)

8 fresh basil leaves (washed)

no-calorie sweetener (granulated, 6 packets)

In a 2-quart pitcher, combine tea, raspberries, basil and no-calorie sweetener. Gently stir and refrigerate overnight. Add ice to individual glass and pour iced tea in each through a strainer to remove bits of herbs and fruit. Stir and enjoy. Serves 8

For more about sugar substitutes, check out this story.

Nutritional Analysis—Calories: 2; fat: 0g; sodium: 0g; fiber: 0g; sugars: 0g; protein: 0g


Roslyn Daniels