Married Men More Likely to See the Doctor

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Married Men More Likely to See the Doctor

Study suggests wives encourage preventive care

Here’s another benefit of marriage for men: A new study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) found that married men are more likely to have seen the doctor for a medical checkup in the last year compared to bachelors or those with a live-in partner.

According to the study, 76 percent of married men were more likely than cohabitating men and other non-married men to have had a health care visit within the past year. Men with spouses also were more likely to have had blood pressure and cholesterol checks and to have been screened for diabetes.

The marriage-medical checkups connection was seen only among men with health insurance, leading researchers to theorize that men with access to health care have spouses who encourage them to seek preventive care—or who make the appointments for their husbands.

But this health-promoting role wasn’t played by live-in partners, the study says. Cohabitating men were the least likely of the three groups to have had a health-care visit in the last 12 months, with about half of men in this group for whom cholesterol and diabetes screenings are recommended getting these screenings.

CDC researchers say they hope their findings point out the importance of regular doctor visits, especially to unmarried men.

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