Take Care of Your Lady Parts

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Take Care of Your Lady Parts

Make the most of your gyno appointment

Whether it’s your first annual gyno exam or your 15th, there are things you can do to make sure your next visit is more productive and works for you.

Leave her alone. If you’re feeling self-conscious about how you smell and look down there, try to resist douching before your appointment. Douching can affect your test results. Instead, trim down and opt to cleanse with a gentle soap like Dove.

No nookie before your appointment. There’s a reason why they tell you not to have vaginal sex 24 hours before your gyno appointment. It can mess up your Pap smear results, which is what you don’t want. Also, don’t use spermicides, foams or jellies before your appointment.

Write down everything you want to know. Don’t you hate it when you’re ready to leave the office and you remember a question you forgot to ask? This time around, write down all of your questions and concerns before you get there. This way you are prepared!

Keep up with your cycle. Months before your appointment, it’s really good to get in the habit of keeping a journal that monitors your cycle. Write down things like how long it lasts, blood flow, clots and anything that may be strange. Make sure to have this information with you for your appointment.

Skip your period. Pretty much all of us know when our periods come, so make sure you keep that date in mind when scheduling your appointment. The less blood, the more accurate the results. If for whatever reason you are on you’re period or it comes early and it’s at the same time as your appointment, call and reschedule.

Keep it real. Be honest and upfront about your sexual behavior and any concerns you have about STDs and HIV. If you are not using condoms all the time or skipping your pill, tell your doc. He or she may be able to help you find a better form of contraception or help you with condom negotiation.

Pay attention to your doc. Not every doc is a good one. Some might not listen to your concerns or make you feel bad about your sex life. Pay attention to what your doc says, how they talk to you, how difficult it is to make an appointment and how long you have to wait to be seen. If you’re not happy, it’s OK to find a new doctor.

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Kellee Terrell